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Letter to Doctors

Neurologique can help enroll your patients in appropriate and ethical clinical trials.

You will remain their treating physician and as always, Daniel Kantor, MD, is dedicated to ensuring that you maintain your therapeutic relationship with your patients.

We offer the following services for you and your patients:

The reason why doctors from as far as Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Tampa and Orlando are sending their patients for specialized opinions, is that both the doctor and patient know how dedicated Dr. Kantor is to, not only not interfere with their physician-patient relationship, but to help strengthen it.

      Letter to Patients

Neurologique partners with your doctor to offer you individualized opportunities for the highest quality:
  • cutting-edge research
  • multi-modality education
  • assistance in difficult clinical decisions

Please see our letter further explaining the important of your own doctor-patient relationship and how we will not interfere with it.

Too often medical care is sterile and cold, while the job of your doctors should be to promote healing in a soothing environment.
Neurologique aims to recenter the patient as the leader of the health team.

................................................We put the U back in quality.

Welcome to your new neurologic home!